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Park Repair Update- July 26, 2022

Community Center and Playground District 4 of Ward 1

Disaster Recovery Update

Since the immediate aftermath of the disasters experienced in our area in 2020 and 2021, the District has been involved in the ongoing process of dealing with insurance issues and the FEMA assistance program.  The cleanup process has been completed and areas that could be used safely have been put back into service for the community.  While the FEMA process is detailed and time consuming, the District believes it is worth the effort for the potential funds that could be available to benefit and supplement the District’s rebuilding efforts.

The facility on Don Manuel Boulevard is over 60 years old and the District recognized soon after the disasters that restoration to meet the needs of the community should be integrated with a vision for the future, including innovative designs and providing a safe playing environment.  The District is working with an architectural firm that is experienced in parks and recreation facilities and, importantly, in disaster recovery and the FEMA process.  The reconstruction of the facilities has been prioritized into three phases that are most pressing:

Phase 1 – Fence Restoration – Over 80% of the fencing was damaged by the storms.  As of July 26, 2022, most perimeter fencing, and field fencing has been replaced or repaired. Gates to allow emergency vehicles and lawn equipment are set to be in place within the week. Nets of Texas is awaiting the completion of the brick backstops and will be able to attach the netting anchored to the large black poles you see in the pictures. Netting is in place in the outfields of Fields 10 and 11 to protect neighborhoods and the other fields from hit balls. Fence work is now being scheduled to secure the park northwest from Field 7 to Field 11 where the complex borders neighbors on Evonne St and Sistrunk. A fence is also scheduled to protect the drainage ditch and culvert on the west side to prevent young children from entering the ditch. The L-15 project is complete other than these small fence jobs.

Phase 2 – Lighting Restoration – Every light pole and fixture in the facility was damaged by the storms, including the electrical infrastructure underground.   In the early days of assessing the damage, the District made the decision that this was the time to upgrade the wooden poles to metal and use LED lights to replace the halogen fixtures and bulbs there previously. The contract to upgrade the electrical infrastructure, light poles and fixtures was granted in March and the work has begun.  Safety lighting along walkways and in parking lots is also being addressed.  Crews have been in place upgrading the electrical. Drilling and placement of the light pole bases was completed last week. The next step will be to place the metal housing over the bases that will house the fixtures and lights. Completion for this project is expected middle of October 2022.

Phase 3 – Maintenance Buildings, Dugouts, and Awnings – The plans for this phase of the work is in process by the architectural firm.  Items that will addressed include the damaged maintenance building, awnings and shade coverings, and new park signage.  Bids for demolition work to remove Old Girls Concession stand, Old Dixie Baseball Concession stand, and Football Concession stand are expected to be reviewed and awarded at the end of August, 2022.

The fencing at the complex on Jones Road is fully repaired and the facility is fully functional.  Football will play on Field 4 there this year. Both Moss Bluff Youth Soccer and Moss Bluff Youth Football have begun registration with activities planned to start in late August. Brother’s Keepers plans on beginning adult flag football in mid-August

New basketball backboards and upgrades are scheduled to be in place in mid August. However, the Main Complex does remain closed as it is an active construction zone at this time with many moving parts.

During this extensive process of restoration, the District is working diligently to return the facilities to a safe and enhanced environment for the community.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.














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Overview and Recent Projects

  •     On the ballot is a renewal of an existing 10 mil tax that supports current and future capital projects in the Calcasieu Parish District 4 of Ward 1 Community Center and Playground District, generating approximately $1MM annually.

Completed Projects

  • Concession stand servicing fields 1-6
  • Concession stand servicing fields 7-11
  • Walking track and playground at Soccer Complex
  • Paved parking at open air gym
  • Softball Field and Drainage improvements
  • Additional Handicap Parking

Current and Future Projects

Current Projects

  • Restoration and upgrade of Baseball/Softball complex fences and backstops
  • Replacement and upgrade of lighting system on 11 fields
  • Upgrade of electrical infrastructure

Future Projects Under Consideration

  • Upgrade of lighting system at Soccer/Football complex
  • Additional concessions at Soccer/Football complex
  • Multipurpose gym/ Community Center
  • Pickleball courts

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize all available resources to deliver parks, recreation facilities, and programs that are attractive, clean, accessible and provide memorable experiences. The Department will serve citizens of all ages to create a desirable community to live, work, and play. We measure our success by customer satisfaction, efficiency, and community development of our public spaces and recreation services that meet the values and needs of our citizens and visitors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be positioned as a premier “best in class” parks and recreation system that provides high quality, maintained parks, recreation facilities and programs that are accessible and cost effective, as well as support the citizen’s vision for cultural unity and a livable and healthy lifestyle that creates high economic impact and value for living and working in Moss Bluff.