Moss Bluff Parks and Recreation

Field Usage Rules

Review our Field Rules

  1. Tournament Teams, Church, and School Based Organization requesting use of the facility must meet the requirement of 2/3 of the team participants must reside in Ward 1.
  2. A roster with participant’s names and addresses must be supplied to the Athletic Director when the request is made for field usage.
  3. If the 2/3 rule is met and if the request can be granted based on field availability by the Athletic Director, the organization granted use of the park facility will sign an agreement with the park which outlines the requirements and obligations of the organization.
  4. If 2/3 rule cannot be accomplished and the requesting team has allowed ALL Ward 1 residing participants a roster spot and no Ward 1 residing participant was denied a participation with the 2/3 rule still not met, then the Board with approval from the local recognized league board can, at the Board’s discretion allow field usage to the requesting team. All Board members present must vote in favor, if vote is not unanimous, the request will be denied. The organization not meeting the 2/3 rule will also need to provide verifiable proof of ALL prospective participants who have tried out for the team. The Board has final say in this matter.
  5. No organization shall attempt to override this by directly allowing access to other fields not granted permission by the Athletic Director.